Freelance Writer

Arts Consultant

"Cindy is an extraordinarily talented individual. She has the rare ability to recognize both immediate and long-term priorities and move effectively to ensure the success of both. Cindy has been responsible for the creation of new programs, revitalizing declining programs, and developing support and consensus for her vision. She works exceedingly well with a broad range of individuals and is able to move a team forward. In addition to being a talented writer, her personal enthusiasm and ability to relate to very different people is an extraordinary asset.”

George Colabella , Development Director, Consultant worked directly with Cindy at The PublicEye

“Hiring Cindy to help our Writing program gain visibility was a great move. She came to the job with fresh ideas and carried through on those ideas--often adding new value as things progressed. She is experienced, has many connections within the writing community, and is a pleasure to work with.” Top qualities: “Great Results , Expert , Creative”

Linda Simone (former Associate Director, Graduate Writing at Manhattanville College)